In response to the ever-growing commercial market in Dubai and increased number of inquiries, in 2018, Better Homes’ management decided to make a strategic decision to grow the commercial brokerage department and become the biggest commercial team in the Dubai market; We have successfully recruited, trained and built on our diverse team which has led to many success stories and a significant increase in the number of transactions since 2018.

In order to better serve our customers and purely focus on the commercial property sector, the next strategic move was to give the commercial department its own identity, brand, and space to grow. Better Homes commercial was re-branded to CRC (Commercial Real Estate Consultants) and launched in July 2019. We are now in the process of setting additional value adding services to CRC and to become a comprehensive solution provide within the commercial property sector.

Since the news of the CRC launch and its ambitious vision, we have attracted some of the most talented and experienced individuals within the commercial sector and many of them will become a pivotal part of our future success. We will continue to invest in the CRC brand and will grow it over the next year and we aim to launch our consultancy divisions by Q2 2020.

Ben Bargh
CRC Director