A very prosperous city, Abu Dhabi has gained a reputation for being an attractive location for investors and business owners due to the many schemes the government has implemented in order to ensure a thriving business environment. Whilst it is known that the city is a good place to conduct business, company owners should know where are the best places to set up and operate from. As such, we have compiled a list of the top 5 areas in Abu Dhabi to rent an office. 

Abu Dhabi Corniche 

A popular place to live and work, Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the busiest commercial areas in Abu Dhabi, being a key business and cultural hub of the city. Primarily centered around the 8km Corniche Road, means that there are many lovely restaurants and cafes as well as a wide range of amenities, including gyms, malls, supermarkets. Its strategic location in the centre of the city, means offices in this area have easy access and are in close proximity to other key business areas throughout the city, including Al Markaziyah West, one of the busiest commercial streets of Abu Dhabi and Al Khalidiyah, the cultural hub of the city. Many  of the offices within this area feature beautiful sea views, or overlook luscious green parks making them very pleasant and desirable places to work. The fact that there are many office buildings in the area, make the prices highly competitive allowing companies to get more value for money for their business space. 

Al Muroor 

Whilst a bit further away from the main hub of Abu Dhabi City, Al muroor contains a wide mix of both commercial and residential properties, including an extensive portfolio of office spaces. Centered around the key street , which is lined with a wide range of amenities, including restaurants, shops, and other retail units.  

It is ideally located between Downtown Abu Dhabi, and the Embassies District, and close to the popular areas of Al Nahyan, Al Etihad, and Al Bateen. One side of Al Muroor consists of many large high rise towers, whilst the other end features several communities of spacious villas which are popular with families.  

Al Reem Island 

Due to the high demand for commercial property in the area, office prices are somewhat higher than other areas in Abu Dhabi.

With that being said, this freehold area is becoming an increasingly sought after destination for business, due to it being one of the fastest developing neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi, as well as its popularity as a residential area. The area is likely to only gain in popularity, due to a number of new developments and upcoming projects. 

Although located on its own island, the area is easily accessible by car, with it being connected to Abu Dhabi’s main highway, meaning it is a convenient area to commute to.  

Elektra street 

Electra Street is known as an area of the city that never sleeps. Whilst one of the oldest places in Abu Dhabi, it has made a name for itself for being home to a large and thriving electronics market. It sits at the heart of the city with great accessibility to exceptional facilities., including shops, supermarkets and plenty of other amenities that your business and employees will appreciate. 

Hamdan Street 

Hamdan Street is one of the busiest commercial areas of Abu Dhabi, strategically located in the centre of Abu Dhabi, it is one of the oldest and most established areas of the city. 

Known for its retail hubs and commercial buildings, Hamdan Street has proven to be popular for business owners to base their companies. 

Running parallel to the Corniche, it is close to many of Abu Dhabi’s residential areas, as well as Marina Mall, World Trade Centre Mall, Qasr al-Hosn, the key retail, business, and cultural hubs of the city. 

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