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CRC valuations consist of a team of highly qualified RICS chartered surveyors, specialising in both residential and commercial valuations. We provide independent and comprehensive reports and advice for a range of different asset classes, including apartments, villas, offices, retail, large scale development projects and full story buildings. We service clients in a variety of different sectors for a variety of purposes. CRC valuations offer a bespoke service tailored to our clients’ needs. If you require a valuation, CRC Valuations is here to help.


As part of the Betterhomes group, we have over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry, earning ourselves a reputation for being trusted and experts in our field. We use our extensive industry knowledge combined with state of the art technology to give our clients informed, trustworthy advice and reports.

Trusted leaders

As a part of Betterhomes Group, established in 1986, CRC is the largest and one of the most trusted commercial agencies, constantly proving to be the market leader in the industry.

RICS certified

Certified in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our valuation services are held to international standards.


Following the latest technological trends, CRC adopts state of the art technology and partners with leading data platforms.


We have a dedicated team of highly capable experts who are experienced and qualified.

Whilst the process of getting a valuation may seem complex, each of our surveyors will be willing to guide you and explain the process every step of the way offering a professional and friendly experience. Our team's knowledge and experience in the market ensures you are taken care of. Meet the team:

Benham Bargh

Managing Director

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Jace Williams

Head of Valuations

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Algem Hernandez


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For a personal consultation, please call us at +971 600 56 6224 or submit the contact form by clicking on the button below.


A valuation of a real estate asset such as a residential apartment takes into account typical characteristics like size, layout, specification, condition, views. Depending on the property type, the characteristics will differ, however generally speaking a real estate valuation typically excludes furniture, plant & machinery.

A bank typically requests an independent third party to carry out a valuation for real estate assets, to provide expert and impartial advice. This is a form of risk analysis for banks to check if the amount to be borrowed aligns with the banks’ policies and risk appetite. The timeline for the valuation/appraisal process varies by property type and bank, but generally, for a typical residential property, the expected timeline is around 3 working days. The valuation firm will contact you to arrange the inspection and then the report is completed and sent to the bank directly.

It is important to check if the valuation company is compliant with certain standards. Asking questions before can avoid headaches and time wasted. Check if the company is RICS Registered and/or do they have any RICS members within the company? Also, is the company compliant with the local jurisdiction standards? If you feel that the property is not valued correctly, then it's worth doing your own research on the local market, finding evidence from quality data platforms and speaking to reputable agents in that community. If you still feel the same way then you can query the valuation by emailing the lender (bank) highlighting the reasons. It is important to separate heart from head in this scenario as purchasing or selling property can be sentimental.

Data availability is key to providing a high-quality valuation service. Globally there is different data platforms and sources. Typically a good valuation firm will use a variety of data sources including land department data, internal/external databases and speaking to reputable brokers. You can enquire with the surveyor as different companies may use different sources of evidence.

You may be asked if all the property is able to be inspected, are there any modifications to the property, the occupancy status, property type etc. A good rule for health reasons is to open all the doors so the surveyor does not have to touch any surfaces. You should have already provided the relevant documents.

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