The UAE is a thriving economy, and all the world’s greatest and biggest business ventures are keen on setting up their businesses in the UAE. Specifically, when we talk about UAE, the first name that comes to mind is – Dubai. Dubai is one of the world’s most economically and technologically advanced cities today. Many eminent celebrities and politicians have invested in Dubai by buying properties and starting their businesses.

Why Dubai?

With the rise in the number of business ventures in Dubai, the renting and leasing spaces in Dubai have also increased. Dubai is also witnessing a huge rise in coworking spaces, where several freelancers and entrepreneurs have started working together for mutual benefit and better networking.

For this reason, investing in purchasing commercial properties in Dubai can be intelligent. Through this investment, you can earn a fortune considering the rise in the number of business ventures in Dubai. Many people provide office for rent in Dubai. However, it depends on the nature of the business and the country’s laws. But investing in any Dubai commercial property can never be in vain.

There are many office for sale in Dubai, so in this article, we will learn what you need to know before you lease your first office in Dubai.

The DOs and DON’Ts of renting a space in Dubai

Considering the basic human factors, the first thing you need to see while getting any office for rent in Dubai is the ventilation and the spaciousness. Your office space needs to be well-lit, well-conditioned, and properly ventilated. As Dubai is an arid country, and the atmosphere can be hot on some days, so air-conditioning in every corner of the office is a must. But this is not the only requirement. There are many other things to be considered. Your office space needs to be spacious and organized to motivate an environment of discipline and willingness to work. Otherwise, employees might not be willing to sit for long hours on the office premises, ultimately affecting their work. Let us see what other things we need to take care of:

1. Take advice

If you are unaware of Dubai’s market and the value of its commercial areas, you must consider hiring an agent for this need. A real estate agent might be very helpful in providing insight on the best location to lease or rent an office space, which locality will best suit the nature of your business and which area will attract maximum footfall. When considering an office for rent in Dubai, a consultation from a real estate agent must be considered a viable solution for any recommendations and guidance. This is also important to eliminate legal problems while renting or leasing office space in Dubai.

2. The Budget

While considering any office for rent in Dubai, you must consider the monetary aspects. Vital details like budget, turnover, hidden costs and charges, the cost of the legal documentation, repair and maintenance costs, security deposit size, etc., need to be considered before leasing or buying any commercial property in Dubai. If your business does well, you are good to go. But if anything turns sour, these charges and the rent can make you suffer huge losses. So, first, you need to be clear on your budget and then decide which area suits you best according to your needs and budget. One must also examine any probable rise in the rent and cost of the property dispensing on the changing market scenarios. This will help you be prepared for unforeseen outcomes when it is time to renew your lease agreement.

3. Terms and Conditions

Unlike the shopping discount vouchers, the terms and conditions for renting and leasing commercial property in Dubai are not star-marked. So, you must read and clarify the leasing agreement beforehand. Even if you are giving your office space for rent to someone, you must clarify the terms and conditions with him before signing any legal document. This will help you to prevent any future conflict with the owner. Any terms and conditions like installation and building of cubicles, painting the walls, etc. must be mentioned in the lease agreement before going for any office space for rent in Dubai.

4. The agreement is the key

The rent or lease agreement the two parties sign is the legal bond between them. Everything that needs to be mentioned must be mentioned in the agreement without fail. If you are leasing your commercial property to someone, you must be clear on the following points:

  1. The nature of his business.
  2. His capital backup.
  3. His criminal background (Police verification)
  4. The consistency of his business.
  5. The scope of his business in the market

If any of the above things are not considered, there can be a potential loss. So, to avoid any hassle later, you must read the terms and conditions of the agreement and add or delete any clause in the agreement that you don’t concur with.

Factors to be considered before leasing an office in Dubai

One must consider many factors before looking for any offices for sale in Dubai or offices for rent in Dubai. Some of these are:

  1. Good and well-furnished offices are a must. They must be spacious and ventilated. The office environment should be employee-friendly, and the furniture must be designed considering human factors. This will ensure more employee dedication and productivity.
  2. Consider the proximity of your office to other competing companies and assess their impact on your business. For example, if you set up a food joint just outside a mall, it won’t be much successful because the mall already has plenty of food joints. Rather, a food joint in an area where most offices are located will be more advisable because the office workers might rush to the joint during their break time. So, the location you choose to rent or buy should be decided according to the business you run.
  3. Ensure enough parking space. Dubai is a rich country, so do not expect the employees to come on bikes and scooters. Also, if you have rented a coworking space, you might have to bear with plenty of vehicles daily. So, if your office premise doesn’t have enough parking, the employees will run hither and wither, ultimately taking a toll on their time and energy.

The process of renting office spaces in Dubai

There are probably a lot of legal formalities you will need to complete to be able to rent or lease office space in Dubai. But if you have already hired an agent to do that, you can relax. Otherwise, you might have to undergo a tedious process with the documentation and other things. Hiring a real estate agent can help you in this regard. While going for office space for sale in Dubai, you must consider mobility, facilities, and location. Once you consider these three things, you will find the best place to start your business. This will also help you retain your employees for a longer time.

Once you find the right place to set up your office, you must first pay the deposit amount. This amount depends on the owner, but usually, it is the collective rent of 2 months. Next, you need to pay the brokerage to the broker who helped you find the estate. This broker is none other than your real estate agent.

The same real estate agent will help you draft the rent or lease agreement in which all the terms and conditions will be predefined. Then, you must take a licence from the Dubai Electricity Department (DED). After this clearance and a few other documents, the place will be all yours. Do not forget to make any negotiations before signing the agreement. If you need anything changed or altered, get it done before signing the agreement.

Find the right location

Before you pay your rent or deposit or even start renting an office space, looking for the perfect location for your business is crucial. For example, if you want to open an IT consultancy, find a location that can attract the maximum workforce and is considered an IT hub. If you want to open an art gallery, make sure you open it in an area where maximum tourists visit so that your gallery gets maximum exposure. Based on your budget and other things, you must look for an ideal location to set up your business in.


Finally, it can be said that renting or leasing a commercial space in Dubai can be a very intelligent investment in your business. Depending on your business type, any commercial property is available for rent and lease in Dubai – offices, retail stores, coworking spaces, factories, warehouses, etc. But, one thing that needs to be taken into account is before going for any office space for rent in Dubai, you must consider hiring a real estate agent. He will guide and recommend you the best, depending on your business and budget.