When owning a commercial property as an investment, one of the biggest priorities is ensuring that it is advertised effectively so that it can be leased not only quickly, but at a fair price. Here is our guide to what your property broker should be doing in order to get your unit off the market as efficiently as possible. 

Organise a professional photoshoot 

Successful real estate has a big reliance on photography, especially nowadays when visiting units in person can be more challenging due to various restrictions. Unprofessional photos will diminish interest even for a great property. Therefore, it’s very important to have professional photos of your properties. Hire a professional photographer (preferably with real estate experience photography, who will be able to show off your unit in the best light possible. Most of the largest brokerages have their own dedicated photography team specialised in property photography. 

Create a property marketing flyer 

Your broker should provide a flyer or brochure that features high quality images of the property, the rental price, a location map, a list of property features and highlights, as well as contact information. These brochures should be distributed to inquiring tenants, either in person or through texts or WhatsApp from the broker, as well as to be available for download on the broker’s website.  It is crucial to highlight the key selling points of the community, be it the location, the amenities, or any other feature that makes your property stand out from other units. 

List your unit on property portals

There are many different property portals in Dubai. Portals are a great tool for marketing a property, in fact they are among the most visited real estate websites in the UAE, and have been becoming increasingly popular over the last year, with coronavirus restrictions having a negative effect on being able to do in-person viewings.  A good listing should present an accurate depiction of your property, whilst a good agent will go that extra mile to verify your property. This assures potential tenants that the listing is not fake, something that is a problem in this industry. 

Put up a ‘For rent’ sign

Something else that good real estate brokerages should do, is put up signage of some form advertising the property. This could be a sign outside of the unit or a billboard on the building itself. Good signage should have key information and the contact details of your brokerage. This should lead to greater exposure and will let people in the area know that your property is on the market.

These few things will make a significant difference in being able to market and rent out your property effectively. As such, any reputable agency will do all of this and more. At CRC we pride ourselves on being able to work closely with our clients, doing everything we can to get their property rented out to the most suitable tenant. If you would like to find out more information on how we can help, then contact us today to arrange a free consultation